Database is Getting Full - ShadeVision Error

Customer is getting a message at startup saying that their database is full and they don't know what to do.
Users may receive a message when opening ShadeVision that states: "The ShadeVision Database is getting full. A database backup and restore should be done from ShadeVision Database Manager.".
This message means that the current DB has a file that is considerably larger than 500MB. The ShadeVision DB is a series of .svdb files beginning with: dvs1.svdb and continuing with dvs2.svdb, dvs3.svdb, dvs4.svdb, etc... After the last file grows to around 700MB, the user will see this message. The mechanism used to split the DB is to do a backup AND RESTORE that backup back into your system. The DB will split upon being restored.

So please do exactly what the message states:
"A database backup and restore should be done from Shadevision DB Manager". After performing the backup, select "Restore Database" in the Shadevision Database Manager and then click the folder to the right of the "Restore From" text box. It should be looking in the folder that the last backup was saved to. Select the backup file, click "Open", and the green forward arrow. Select "Yes" to replace the existing DB with the backup. This will restore the existing DB and split it accordingly. The "Database is getting full" message should no longer appear until the last .svdb file grows to around 700MB.

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