Cannot Print from Web Edition

Cannot Print from Web Edition First items that should be looked at are; 1) Does the computer have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed? 2) What software program is associated to open and read the Adobe PDF file format? Item 1, you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on the computer/workstation that is running the X-RiteColor Master Web Edition. Item 2, if you do have a copy of Acrobat reader installed and you still cannot print check to see what software program is associated with or assigned to open the PDF file format. This can be done by; a) Using File Explorer to locate a PDF file. b) Highlight the PDF file name. c) RIGHT CLICK on the file name d) Select Properties, General Tab e) Look at the “Open With:” statement line. This line should have the Adobe Reader listed. If not, f) Select the change box, locate and select the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. g) Select the OK option until you are back at the File explorer screen. This should solve the problem.

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