Calibrating the X-Rite 918 Colorimeter

Regular calibration is necessary to assure the accuracy of color measurements. If you are new to this process it will help to use the AC adapter while following these instructions. The colorimeter will "sleep" if too much time passes between keystrokes.
    1. Locate the calibration reference plaque and its protective envelope (PN 918F-62).

      Both are marked with numbers for several different Illuminants and Observers. During the calibration procedure you must ensure that you use the numbers which match your currently selected operational mode. Only one set of these numbers will be used.

    1. Unlock the instrument shoe. The colorimeter will ignore key presses if the shoe is closed. Notice that the word "CAL" is written between the first and second keys. To begin the calibration routine press both of these keys at the same time.

      After briefly displaying its software version code it will then display the prompt "NO CALIBRATE YES".

    1. Press the key beneath the word "YES".

      The colorimeter will briefly display "ENTER WHITE VALUES THEN MEASURE", and continue by prompting "WHT" followed by the illuminant and observer code. If an instrument reset has been performed, the unit will default to the Illuminant/Observer combination of D50/10.

    1. Compare the displayed XYZ values to the line with your chosen Illuminant/Observer combination on the calibration envelope. If the numbers don't match you must edit the stored values (see Related Support).
    1. To advance from X to Y to Z, release all keys and then press the "DIF" key.
    1. Place the ceramic calibration standard on a firm, flat surface. Locate the colorimeter on the plaque. The crosshairs of the instrument shoe should cover the crosshairs printed on the standard.
  1. Press the instrument down firmly and hold. The colorimeter will take five readings. Do not release until it displays "CALIBRATION UPDATED". The instrument now returns to normal operation.

Calibration Complete

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