Acquiring a new Monaco IT8 target

Customers may need to replace an old
Monaco IT8 target or buy a new transmissive target

Contact X-Rite Customer Service to purchase a new Monaco (EZcolor) IT8 target as it is not directly available from our on-line store.  This target serves several purposes including that of software security.  To secure a new Monaco IT8, the user will need to return the original IT8 or provide a written statement indicating that the original was lost or destroyed.  Contact information for the X-Rite service team is listed below.

Transmissive Kodak IT8 targets are readily available from our on-line web store.

Note that MonacoEZcolor requires the use of a Monaco branded 5x7 reflectiveIT8 target for printer and reflective scanner profiling. Reflective targets prepared by other third-party manufacturers will not work!

Contact info:

Phone: (888) 826-3044

EZcolor Targets available from X-Rite include:

TGT-RMIT857 - Monaco IT8 5" x 7" Reflective Target
TGT-TKIT835 - Kodak IT8 35mm Transmission Target
TGT-TKIT845 - Kodak IT8 4" x 5" Transmission Target

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