Can a 301be set up with a printer, computer or Modem?The Model "301/RS" has an RS232 port on the back and can be used to send measurement data
to a computer, printer or Modem.

A 301/RS uses a RS-232S type cable to connect to the receiving device. The
Transmit Function Switch, located inside the instrument, must be set to DTE
(Data Terminal Equipment) or DCE (Data Communication Equipment) to
correspond with the receiving device. The DTE setting sends the TRANSMIT
signal through pin 2 and is normally used for printers or computers outputs.
The DCE setting sends the TRANSMIT signal through pin 3 and is normally
used for modem outputs.

NOTE: The output connection is preset from factory to DTE operation
for X-Rite 301 units and DCE operation for Fuji 301 units.

To change the Transmit Function Switch setting:
1. Disconnect power to instrument.
2. Turn unit upside down and remove bottom cover by the four screws in
located in the rubber feet.
3. Set the Transmit Function Switch to DTE for printer or computer
connections or DCE for modem connections. The switch is located on the back of the PCB.
4. Return bottom cover in place and secure with four screws.

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