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Descargas de software (18 Artículo(s))VersiónVersión anteriorFecha de lanzamiento
Color iQCv9.5.10.5v9.4.60.1 5/2/2016
Color iQCv9.4.60.1v9.4.50.1 2/29/2016
Color iQCv9.4.50.1v9.4.40.2 12/18/2015
Color iQCv9.4.40.2v9.4.20.2 9/30/2015
Color iQCv9.4.20.2v9.4.10.1 6/9/2015
Color iQCv9.4.10.1v9.3.30.1 3/9/2015
Color iQCv9.3.30.1v9.2.6 12/15/2014
Color iQCv9.2.6v9.2.50 9/2/2014
Color iQCv9.2.50v9.1.10.8 7/23/2014
Color iQCv9.1.10.8v9.0.96.6 4/1/2014
Color iQCv9.0.96.6v9.0.95.4 1/3/2014
Color iQCv8.4.3.1v8.3.9.04 8/6/2013
Color iQCv8.3.9.04v8.2.2.08 5/8/2013
Color iQCv7.5.10v7.4.35.1 1/23/2012
Color iQCv6.20v6.10 11/20/2009
Color iQC (includes iQC Print)v8.2.2.08v8.1.6.09 12/17/2012
VS450 Driver2. 12/27/2011
VS450 Driver2.0.3na 12/1/2009
Operating System Support (1 Artículo(s))
+Windows7 Compatibility
Interactive Training Video (1 Artículo(s))
+Color iQC (FREE eLearning Tutorial)
Calibración y Recertificación del instrumento (2 Artículo(s))
+Green Tile Calibration with Color iQC and iMatch
+iQC Verification; Green Check Tile Failure
Preguntas comunes de Asistencia Técnica (44 Artículo(s))
+"Measuring Conditions" - What Variables Affect the Results
+Adjusting Report / Printing Options
+Bad Data from XRite Portables in Color iQC, Color iMatch.
+Best Practices with Color iQC / Color iMatch
+Can Not Enable Net Profiler in iQC/iMatch with an SP Series Profile
+Check Tile - How to setup
+Color iQC, Color iMatch Shortcut Keys
+Converting file types in iQC
+Copying Data from iQC / iMatch to Excel
+Data not correct from SpectroEye in iQC/iMatch
+Downloading standards to a portable spectro
+Errors on program start
+Getting Back to the Activation Screen
+Gloss versus SRR Gloss in iQC iMatch
+How can I Find out What Applications are ICC Compliant?
+iControl Site Code has Changed
+Illuminant U3000 in iQC/iMatch
+iQC / iMatch Access Violations
+Measuring "True" Color; Should I use SCE or SCI?
+Measuring Gloss with Color iControl Software
+Measuring Haze with iControl
+MSVCP 100.DLL Missing
+Network Error Message with iControl
+PC Specifications for X-Rite Industrial Software
+Registration code not appearing in license box (Windows7)
+Resetting Passwords in iControl/iMatch after lock out.
+Resetting Spectro Connection in Color iControl / iMatch
+Selection and Care of Physical Color Standards
+Setting up an SQL database
+Setting up Average Transmission, Hiding Power, and Contrast Ratio
+Site Key Invalid for My Program
+Understanding Illuminants
+Verifying Spectro Install/Configure in Color iQC/iMatch
+Visible Spectrum
+Vista Issues - Industrial Color Products
+What Illuminants are Available in GretagMacbeth Hardware and Software?
+What is Meant by the Term "Observer Angle"?
+What is Metamerism?
+What Software Supports the CxF Data Format?
+What Version of Color iMatch / iQC do I have?
+Why do I Keep Losing My Color iControl License?
+Windows7 Compatibility
-Activation Code - - How do I Complete Registration?
-Adjusting the UV filter on a CE3100
Product History (Errors / Fixes / Workarounds) (5 Artículo(s))
+Color iQC Basic is Not Saving Job File Extension
+Errors on program start
+General File Transfer Error Installing Upgrade
+Network Error Message with iControl
+Vista - Compatibility with Color iControl
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics (17 Artículo(s))
+Cannot Locate the Connected Measurement Device
+Changing from Red HardLock Key
+Color iControl Activation Code Gives Message "Site Key Invalid”
+Color iControl Program Won't Start
+CrypKey Error -10 When Using Hardware Dongle
+Data not correct from SpectroEye in iQC/iMatch
+Error - "CoCreateInstance Error ! hres - 2177221164"
+iQC / iMatch & VS410 Format Error
+iQC / iMatch Access Violations
+MSVCP 100.DLL Missing
+PantoneLIVE license fails after upgrade to iQC
+Program Returns to Activation Screen
+Resetting Passwords in iControl/iMatch after lock out.
+Site Key Invalid for My Program
+Software is Losing its Activation License
+Verifying Spectro Install/Configure in Color iQC/iMatch
+Vista Issues - Industrial Color Products

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