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From inspiration to production, from design to shelf, X-Rite Pantone is the company best positioned to help you define, specify, measure and manage accurate color across the entire color supply chain. Right the first time, right every time.

With more than 150 collective years of color experience, we offer a full set of color solutions and services to ensure a streamlined color workflow that helps you avoid costly shipment rejections and delivers brand integrity and design intent … from production to the final product.

“We estimate that for every dollar we invest in X-Rite, we are saving between $30 and $40 over a 5-year depreciation period. What’s not to like about that?”
- Steve Rickett, President, UNIMAC

About X-Rite Solutions

X-Rite provide color measurement and management solutions tuned to the needs of a broad array of industries, including print & packaging, automotive, cosmetics, manufacturing, paint & coatings, plastics, textiles and more. X-Rite is the unparalleled expert in measuring, formulating and communicating color, and in developing the work processes required to support consistent color across the entire color supply chain.

X-Rite eXact, Ci7x00 and SpectraLight QC 

Densitometers/Spectrophotometers. From the next-generation X-Rite eXact for print & packaging to the brand-new Ci7800 and Ci7600 benchtop spectrophotometers for industrial uses, X-Rite has the perfect densitometer/spectrophotometer for your needs.

Light Booths. Color looks different under different lighting conditions. Ensure that you and your customers are viewing the same colors by controlling lighting conditions with X-Rite light booth solutions. Quickly and easily verify D50 (daylight) lighting conditions with PANTONE Lighting Indicator stickers.

Color Quality Control. Whether you are manufacturing paper, plastic, paint, packaging, textiles, cosmetics or more, having the proper color quality control practices and processes in place will save you time and money, and ensure brand integrity across the entire color supply chain. Learn how X-Rite color quality control and color formulation solutions can make a difference in your business.

Professional Services. Let X-Rite Pantone color experts help you with a wide range of color-related issues and opportunities. From audits to certifications and training, we have the people that can make a difference in your color workflow.

Support. X-Rite provides industry-leading support to ensure that your organization gains the greatest possible benefit from X-Rite solutions. Your success is our primary objective. Learn More.

Featured Solutions

Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem : The Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem takes 3D Virtualization to the next level by integrating exact, physically correct material appearance into the design, manufacturing and marketing process. It enables the creation of virtual materials that have the exact same optical characteristics as the real material. The capturing and use of exact material appearance within the entire virtualization process speeds up and improves the design and production process.

Brand-New! The X-Rite Ci7800 and Ci7600 next-generation benchtop spectrophotometers
The new X-Rite Ci7800 and Ci7600 sphere spectrophotometers represent a quantum leap in producing and maintaining high value color measurement data throughout the entire color supply chain. Unlike any industrial spectrophotometer before them, the Ci7800 and Ci7600, in conjunction with X-Rite Color iControl software, can be adapted to fit into any color supply chain, including those anchored by instruments from other suppliers. These instruments are designed to deliver process control for perfect color fidelity.

PantoneLIVE™: Your Colors in the Cloud – Right the First Time. Right Every Time.
With PantoneLIVE, all color information resides in a secure, centralized cloud-based ecosystem where it’s accessible to brand owners, designers, printers, and other supply chain stakeholders around the world. Colors are digitally defined so they reproduces accurately, every time. Now, struggling to make color consistent across multiple packaging print surfaces, production processes, ink systems, technologies, skill sets, people and geography is a thing of the past. PantoneLIVE is the only solution that communicates colors digitally, from ideation to final product.

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