Munsell USDA Tomato Grade A & C Color Standards

The Munsell lab is an approved supplier for the USDA standards.

Handy visual references makes tomato grading easy and accurate. Plus it ensures that you get the right value for your crop.

Standard delivery = 1 week.

Munsell Color maintains an ongoing program for development of USDA food color standards. Lists are updated periodically; call 877-888-1720 for more information.

The current list of USDA standards includes:

  • Frozen French Fry Standard
  • Canned Ripe Olives Standard
  • Tomato Grade A & C
  • Molasses Standards
  • Honey Standards
  • Canned Tomato Color Standard
  • Frozen Cherries Color Standard
  • Pumpkin / Squash Color Standards

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