Mastering EasyTrax

This hands-on workshop will teach pressmen and pre-press operators how to use EasyTrax.
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Learn how to shorten make ready with quicker and more complete measurement data, bet more consistent color from job to job, and easily track and monitor information such as press performance. By the end of the workshop, you will have the skills to help maintain shop and industry print standards and achieve a consistent color managed workflow. Plus, we’ll even share tools and knowledge that can help you apply the G7 Methodology.

We’ll leave you with a workbook full of reference tools, including the EasyTrax Configuration Tools Guide, an EasyTrax Quick Reference Guide, and a document describing How to Build the Perfect Colorbar.

This course is designed to teach pressmen and pre-press operators how to optimize the EasyTrax Auto Scanning solution. Operators, pressroom supervisors, quality control managers, and anyone involved in the production of printed materials, will also benefit.

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