Color Management Webinars

Our online webinars are relevant, engaging, and packed full of valuable information. Whether you’re yearning for color knowledge, want to learn what’s new in your industry, or need to improve your technical skills, you can do it all from the comfort of your desk in just 30 – 60 minutes. Search our list below to sign up or watch on demand webinars.

5 Ways to Shine the Right Light on Color

This webinar will provide insight into five ways you can make sure you have incorporated the right level of controlled lighting in your color-critical workflow.

Tips and Tricks on ColorDesigner PLUS v3.0

X-Rite’s retail paint experts will share tips and tricks to help your paint counter become more efficient thus translating to happier, more loyal customers and increased revenues.

How to Measure Unusual Objects

In this webinar, you’ll learn how X-Rite instruments can measure just about anything, including food and family pets, to help formulate and maintain a perfect color match!

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