Upcoming Webinars

Better Color Matching

Tips on How to Achieve Better Color Matching with Your Instruments May 2, 2017 | 17.00 Zürich | 11am ET

During this webinar, we will present a number of best practices that help minimize color matching errors in the laboratory setting, especially where color matching software is not currently in use.

How to Gain Control of Your Brand’s Color and Print Quality Program May 16, 2017 | 10am ET

Join us for this webinar to gain the following insights:
  • Give your designers the tools they need to specify properly to reduce rounds of rework and revisions
  • Utilize the correct physical and digital specification tools to make sure the supply chain is specifying properly
  • Leverage ColorCert technology to gain transparency over your converters performance. ColorCert allows you to look into how your converters are performing, and gives you data to show the results over time to help ensure continuous improvement. No more guess work or lack of control.
  • Learn how to put the foundation in place for an enhanced, data-driven color and print quality program today.

Characteristics of the Color Black | Milyenek a feketék? May 17, 2017 | 10.00 - 11.00

Explore light and color perception – remember, black is a color too (in physics: low reflection, achromatic or near achromatic, the world’s darkest material; physiology of color vision; psychology: black has a very strong message). In this webinar, we'll discuss the printing and measuring of black (CMY-black, reach black, process black, spot color black).

Fény- és színészlelet - A fekete is szín (fizika: kis reflexió, akromatikus vagy közel akromatikus; a világ legfeketébb feketéje, fiziológia: relatív észlelet, pszichológia: a fekete vizuálisan súlyos, üzenete erős. - Fekete színek nyomtatásának és a nyomatok mérésének speciális kérdései (háromszín-fekete, reach black, process black, direktszín-fekete, fekete alátét a mérésekhez).

virtual lightbooth

Introducing the Virtual Light Booth May 23, 2017 | 10am ET | 3pm ET

Join this free webinar to learn how the Virtual Light Booth (VLB) enables designers, material suppliers and marketers an unparalleled ability to accurately and efficiently visualize and compare 3D digital material renderings side-by-side with physical samples in an environment that controls the parameters influencing the perception of appearance. You will hear how the VLB, part of the Total Appearance Capture (TAC™) ecosystem, ensures a new level of consistency between digital prototypes and final physical products in order to streamline design approval cycles and accelerate time to market.


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