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It's Not Easy Being Purple

It's Not Easy Being Purple, Especially When You Are Red February 14, 2017 | 3PM GMT | 10AM EST

By attending this webinar, you will discover how to predict color results, and easily visualize on-screen how color palettes will appear in production on different packaging types as faithfully and efficiently as possible. Using the right set of tools, designers and brand owners can visually asses the variability in color on their packaging that is the result of changes in the base material, printing process and ink types. The outcome will show the achievable colors and this can be shared across the supply chain to better communicate design intent.

Measuring Unusual Things

How to Measure Unusual Objects February 14, 2017 | 10-11AM EST

Many of our customers have shared over the years the interesting things they’ve had to measure, and how our solutions have played an integral part in getting the color match. Learn about our solutions and how they can ensure you get color right the first time, and every time.

Product Features:

  • Ci7x Family: The X-Rite Ci7860, Ci7800, and Ci7600 benchtop sphere spectrophotometers deliver true process control for perfect color fidelity. These benchtops set a new standard for measuring, managing and communicating color.
  • Ci6x Family: The Ci6x family of sphere spectrophotometers reduce rejection rates and scrap and improve time to market and profitability.
  • Color iMatch: A job-oriented color formulation solution enabling fast, accurate color analysis and colorant formulation for a variety of applications.
  • Color iQC: A unique upgradeable color quality control solution designed to meet evolving color measurement and management requirements in all industrial market segments.
  • NetProfiler: A cloud-based blend of software and color standards for verifying and optimizing performance of color measurement devices, reducing variance among instruments.

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