Packaging That Sells 2017 - 25, 2017

Packaging That Sells 2017

Come see X-Rite Pantone at the Packaging That Sells conference, October 23-25 in Chicago. Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone Color Institute and Cindy Cooperman, Global Director of Brand, will share their unique color knowledge and insights that will revolutionize your brand packaging, as well as tips and tools to improve the color quality on brand packaging.

We’ll have a tabletop at the event where you and your team can come see demos of our latest color solutions for designers, brand owners and production team members, and have 1:1 discussions with our color experts. Below are a few of the tools we’ll have on hand:

  • Pantone Simulator Prints - Save time, money, and rework by showing how colors will appear on the most common packaging materials before artwork goes into production.
  • Pantone Tolerance Guides - Physical color standard custom printed to provide a visual LAB reference of tolerance for any given brand color.
  • PantoneLIVE for Design - License and software bundle that enables Packaging Designers to use up-to-date PantoneLIVE libraries in Adobe Illustrator and visualize how color will look on different package materials and types.
  • ColorCert – The ColorCert Suite enables digital communication of exact color and print requirements, producing near-real-time data for each and every press run in an easy-to-understand dashboard. This “running to the numbers” concept allows print suppliers to better understand expectations, monitor print quality on press, and report the data instantly.
  • Capsure – This revolutionary handheld color matching instrument provides a powerful, versatile way to find an exact match for any sample, even on textured or patterned materials.

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