FTA Fall Conference 2017 - 11, 2017

FTA Fall Conference 2017

Come see the global leader in color science and technology X-Rite Pantone at our table #220 to learn how our solutions help printers and packaging converters as well as brands achieve the following:

  • Validate that colors specified in initial designs are actually achievable
  • Generate clear specifications and effective ink formulations
  • Streamline the premedia process by reducing the need for physical proofs, not needing to wait for ink drawdowns to dry before measuring, and ensuring that ink recipes are accurate before going to press
  • Reduce waste and rework in production by delivering consistent color and correcting color drift before it is visible to the human eye
  • Take the emotion out of color evaluation in prepress and in the pressroom while providing customers with fact-based color data that process that color meets specifications

Meet with our color experts 1:1 to discuss your specific color challenges, solutions that can be tailored to your workflow, and see demonstrations of our color measurement and management solutions.

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