Integrated Color Management


This four-day workshop shows how to create and apply profiles to build color managed workflows.

Take Your Color Knowledge to the Max

Beyond RGB workflows, as a color professional you also need to understand how to get the most out of color RIPs and CMYK workflows. This enables you to achieve “Color As You Imagined It”, regardless of how the images were captured or what output method is used.

Offered in conjunction with X-Rite’s Introduction to Color Management two-day course, this course will round out your color knowledge, beginning with the basics and moving into advanced coursework to meet the needs of attendees at all levels. As an added bonus, the course includes color vision analysis and testing for X-Rite Color Management certification.



  • A small classroom of six to eight attendees guarantees individual attention for optimum learning.
  • Hands-on workshops with the latest X-Rite color measurement instruments, profiling software and a variety of large format printers helps you determine if additional investments will make your color life easier.
  • During the course, you will immediately use and reinforce new knowledge to build and create profiles.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to leave the course with an X-Rite Color Management certification.
  • Learn exactly how you perceive color, and if you have any color vision issues, by taking the included Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test.
As the only company in the industry that offers complete and integrated end-to-end workflows for a variety of industries, X-Rite is the ideal partner for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of color. Let X-Rite’s Color Experts take you down the path to “Color As You Imagined It”.

Who Should Attend? 

This course is ideal for anyone specializing in Graphic Design, Prepress/Premedia, Digital Print Production, Photo Labs, Sign Printing, Fine Art Reproduction, or anyone seeking to boost color knowledge.

Day One:

  • Fundamentals and goals of color management and color theory
  • Definitions of important terms
  • Overview of color models
  • ICC color management topics such as GCR
  • Overview of measurement instruments
  • Setting up applications for a variety of color managed workflows
  • Test

Day Two:

  • Spotting color matching and defining spot colors in applications
  • Profile a monitor exercise
  • Viewing conditions for color managed workflows (monitors, prints, etc.)
  • Camera overview on white balance and profiling
  • DNG and ICC camera profiling exercise
  • RGB printer profiling exercise
  • Soft proofing with Adobe Applications
  • Test

Day Three:

  • CMYK printer settings (resolution, paper types, heater settings, etc.)
  • CMYK printer profiling using a RIP exercise
  • Relinearization of printers for consistency
  • RIP color management settings
  • Test

Day Four:

  • Preflighting files for color in Adobe InDesign exercise
  • PDF color management, PDF-X
  • Hard proofing
  • Web and digital video basics
  • Advanced tools to measure targets, compare data, and averaging
  • Grand format tips for profiling
  • Press profiling introduction
  • Practice time: repetition of demos, answering other workflow problems
  • Test

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