Going Beyond Density


This eLearning course focuses on the importance of measurement-based versus visual process control.
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Predictable, repeatable color starts with a consistent process. “Going Beyond Density” will teach you how to achieve optimal process control on your offset press, beyond the density of your solid inks, as well as tools and methodologies to help you move toward a more color controlled press environment.

This course includes optional hands-on exercises to allow you practice as you go and reinforce what you learn. The best instrument to use for these exercises is the X-Rite eXact Standard or Advanced, however the exercises are not required.

Topics include:

  • Color theory and tolerancing
  • LCh and CIELAB color models
  • ISO Standards and regional print specifications
  • Spectrophotometer settings and backers
  • Tools, machinery specifications, and raw materials
  • Solid ink density and color
  • Tone Value Increase (TVI)
  • Trapping and overprint
  • Gray balance
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This course is offered in: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.


Why Attend? 

You can’t rely on your eyes alone to achieve good, repeatable output. If you want to produce proofs and press output that match your specified colors, you need good color management and solid process control.

Some people focus on solid ink densities, but density only tells us one thing about color - how light or dark it is. To get to the source of press control problems, we need numerical color models to describe a color’s hue and saturation, and to compare and communicate color.

“Going Beyond Density” will give you the knowledge and tools to hit your colors quickly and consistently; creating satisfied customers and saving you time and money.

This online course offers you the benefit of self-paced training.  Each section is 3 to 10 minutes long and includes a short quiz to ensure you are learning the key points. 

Going Beyond Density” includes the following topics:

  • The role of color theory and tolerancing in offset printing.
  • The LCh and CIELAB models and how Delta E can help you identify small differences in your color reproduction.
  • Running your systems to meet ISO specifications and standards, use proofs that conform to the press specs, and view your prints under the correct lighting.
  • Choosing the correct spectrophotometer settings and backers to achieve your ISO standard.
  • Investing in the proper tools, reviewing the specifications for your machinery, and evaluating your raw materials to save time and money.
  • Measuring and controlling solid ink density and color throughout a press run.
  • Monitoring TVI and making adjustments through the solid ink density.
  • Measuring trapping and overprint to understand how your ink, press, and paper are performing.
  • Using gray balance to achieve your print standards and target values.

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