2013 Painting and Decorating Expo (PDCA)

Visit X-Rite at booth# 301 during the 2013 Painting and Decorating Expo from March 3 to March 6 at the Hyatt Regency St Louis at The Arch, to see CAPSURE, the portable color picking device, that allows you to quickly identify paint colors on the job site, or anywhere else.

How can CAPSURE help?

  • Search and find closet color to customers' needs in a quick and easy way - saves time, increases sales potential
  • Portability offers on site usage delivering color accuracy to meet your customers’ needs – fast, easy, convenient…
  • Highly accurate in ‘non standard’ surface measurements - allows the user to deliver color accuracy for a broad range of surfaces (stucco, textiles, non flat, etc.)
  • Stores customer specific data – drives loyalty and repeat business while at the same time ensuring accuracy is consistently delivered
  • Small sample size measurement ability – delivers optimal color accuracy for even ‘specks’ of color in samples
  • Multiple fandeck storage – allows user the convenience of one tool covering all the brands they represent…more choices = less competition