Intro to Color Management


This two-day workshop provides an excellent introduction to the essential components of color management.

Essential Components of Color Management

Have you ever wondered why the color you imagined isn’t always the color you achieve? This two-day workshop is for you. Introduction to Color Management focuses specifically on the RGB workflow. Through step-by-step demonstrations, hands-on interaction, and guided exercises, you will learn how to attain the best possible color during capture, display, editing, proofing, and final output.


  • A small classroom of six to eight attendees guarantees individual attention for optimum learning.
  • Hands-on workshops, with the latest X-Rite color measurement instruments and profiling software, help you determine if additional investments will make your color life easier.
  • Learn how to calibrate, optimize, and profile digital devices for color that is right the first time, every time.
  • Understand the most effective techniques for managing spot and custom colors, including the Pantone color system.
  • Leave the workshop not only with the knowledge you need to manage color in your operation, but also actionable ideas that can be implemented upon your return. Take with you a full-color workbook that includes “Need to Know” technical documents that will get you to “Color As You Imagined It”.
It doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve “Color As You Imagined It”. With the right understanding of color and color workflows, as well as the instruments and software that makes the process more efficient, you can accomplish exactly the colors you imagine, each and every time. 

Who Should Attend?

Introduction to Color Management is ideal for anyone who is new to digital color or color management, or is frustrated by color issues. This includes everyone from photographers and photo labs that work primarily in RGB workflows, graphic designers who need to know how to prepare files for proper color output, to users who need better color, color professionals who are unsure of which tools to purchase, and manufacturers and resellers who support color management.

Day One:

  • Fundamentals and goals of color management and color theory
  • Definitions of important terms
  • Overview of color models
  • ICC color management topics such as GCR
  • Overview of measurement instruments
  • Setting up applications for a variety of color managed workflows
  • Test

Day Two:

  • Spotting color matching and defining spot colors in applications
  • Profile a monitor exercise
  • Viewing conditions for color managed workflows (monitors, prints, etc.)
  • Camera overview on white balance and profiling
  • DNG and ICC camera profiling exercise
  • RGB printer profiling exercise
  • Soft proofing with Adobe Applications
  • Test

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