Model #: aqc-qc

Nucleos Auto QC

Nucleos Auto QC enables unique tracking and controlling of both color and texture data for effect coatings and other finishes used in the automotive and other industries.

Innovation in Color and Texture Measurement

In the automotive, consumer electronics and other industries, there is a growing use of effect coatings and textured materials to set products apart on the shelf and in the showroom. While progress has been made on the ability to measure effect coatings and specialty finishes, it has still been difficult to measure finishes that present “color flopping,” or a change in color based on viewing angle, and virtually impossible to classify textures with any standardized specificity. This creates challenges for manufacturers in meeting brand owner expectations and ensuring harmonized products at the point of assembly.

Nucleos Auto QC, in conjunction with X-Rite’s new MA T6 and MA T12 multi-angle spectrophotometers, dramatically changes the way color and texture can be specified, measured and monitored across even the most complex supply chain. Now, with a single measurement, consistent reliable measurements can be captured and communicated to the Nucleos Auto QC quality control solution for tracking and controlling of both color and texture data for effect coatings as well as other specialty finishes and materials used in the automotive, consumer electronics, architectural and other industries. This delivers increased consistency across the supply chain, reducing costs and speeding time to market.



  • Nucleos Auto QC uses a unique uniform texture scale developed by X-Rite that does not rely on visual impressions and, for the first time, enables digitization of material textures and establishment of tolerances.
  • Enables holistic quality control in real time with part-to-standard and part-to-part measurement and harmonization, critical for products whose components are manufactured in a distributed manner and must match at point of assembly.
  • Incorporates reusable digital assets, such as standards, tolerances, jobs and more, as well as job templates and standardized procedures that make measurement and data analysis easier and more intuitive, even for less skilled workers.
  • Tracks all measurements for color and texture and makes available customized reporting to facilitate communication of both color and texture specifications across the entire workflow.
  • Supports a variety of database formats for easy integration into existing workflows.
X-Rite Pantone has a long history of leadership in the art and science of color as well as involvement with standards bodies. With the availability of the MA T6 and MA T12 multi-angle spectrophotometers and Nucleos Auto QC software, professionals in the automotive, consumer electronics, architectural and other industries now have new and innovative tools available to measure, monitor and manage both texture and color for even the most sophisticated materials and finishes. This is critical to ensuring harmonization at the final point of assembly where consistent appearance of both color and texture are essential.

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