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TAC Services

Use Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Services for scanning physical material samples to produce highly accurate digital material definitions for use in 3D rendering solutions.
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Virtual Materials with Unmatched Realism

Capturing exact appearance characteristics is critical to improving quality and speeding up time to market for products, factories, transport and infrastructure. X-Rite experts use the breakthrough TAC7 Scanner to scan physical material samples to produce highly accurate digital material definitions. 

TAC7 scanning brings measurement-driven virtual materials to an unmatched level of realism for state-of-the-art design, production, supply chain and CAD infrastructures for enhanced product lifecycle management. Color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics are stored in a highly realistic, accurate and precise digital material specification in an Appearance eXchange Format (AxF) file. AxF files are stored, managed in a library function, viewed, edited and searched for in the X-Rite Pantora Digital Material Hub and can be rendered in X-Rite’s Virtual Light Booth or third-party rendering systems.


  • Use the services-based approach in environments requiring scanning of a limited number samples annually to minimize the need to invest in equipment and expertise.
  • Use TAC Services as an entry point to total appearance capture in a pilot approach to determine how data fits into workflows and whether it makes sense to invest in a TAC7 scanner.
  • Leverage X-Rite expertise and infrastructure to capture Total Appearance data for physical samples, enabling a highly accurate virtual view that minimizes the need for the production of multiple physical mock-ups or samples.
  • Deliver rapid return on investment by significantly reducing costs and cycle time associated with development and distribution of multiple physical mock-ups or samples.
With TAC Scanning Services, designers and manufactures can fully characterize and render everything from special-effects automotive paints, fabrics and plastics to vinyl flooring and more. The TAC7 Scanner accurately captures and presents the full details and sophistication of almost any material sample, and its AxF file format can be used with third-party rendering solutions such as Autodesk VRED™ and Nvidia Iray®.

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