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Our How to print the eXpected courses are designed as either one-day or two-day workshops. Attendees will gain a full understanding of the standardization approach for different printing processes, as well as an understanding of linked industries like ink and paper manufacturing. As a well-balanced program of both theory and practical exercises, you will be able to fully utilize the gained knowledge to implement positive changes within your workflow.

Please Note: This class is not based on a certain type of software, hardware, or printing press. Join us, regardless of your current color tools.

Knowledgeable Instructors

 Our team industry-leading color experts have accumulated years of hands-on practical experience and expertise in their respective fields.

After the Seminar

After you’ve attended a seminar, you are encouraged to continue contacting us through your My X-Rite account for additional information or answers to technical questions. Our team will promptly respond to all requests.


  • Day 1 - Develop a solid understanding of the "Fundamentals of Color" and "Standardization concepts".
  • Day 2 - Put your new knowledge into action in our Hands-on workshop.

Cancellation Policy: 14 days prior to event date 50% refund, less than 14 days no refund will be given.

Free Bonus Materials

  • PANTONE® Lighting Indicator Stickers D50
  • Each participant will receive a set of the PANTONE® D50 Lighting Indicator Stickers. This simple tool allows you to tell at a glance whether your ambient lighting conditions are giving you an accurate visual read of your color, making it easy to determine if your viewing conditions are right for accurate color evaluation, specification and matching.

  • Free Munsell Interactive Learning Kit
  • All attendees will receive the Munsell Interactive Learning Kit free of charge. The Munsell Interactive Learning Kit includes several worksheets, samples, and exercises to help color quality professionals learn about the complexities of color and how it is represented, evaluated, and controlled.

  • Exclusive Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Book
  • Attendees will also receive X-Rite’s exclusive Fundamentals of Color and Appearance book. This industry acknowledged publication provides a logical and practical approach to solving color and appearance issues related to industrial applications.

Large Format Printing

  • 10/13-10/14/2016: Bucuresti, Romania
    •  Cost: 500€/person

  • 11/03-11/04/2016: Regensdorf, Switzerland
    •  Cost: 845€/person


  • 10/25-10/26/2016: Budapest, Hungary
    •  Cost: 600€/person

  • 10/27/10/28/2016: Bucuresti, Romania
    •  Cost: 500€/person

  • 11/22-11/23/2016: Regensdorf, Switzerland
    •  Cost: 845€/person

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