Fundamentals of Color and Appearance - Classroom

From color communication to judging the smallest color differences, you’ll learn everything you need to know to measure, view, and understand color data in any industry.
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This workshop explains why effective color communication is a universal problem. Different industries use unique vocabularies and an assortment of tools. Furthermore, color evaluation is both visual and numeric. In this workshop we will explore many of these methods. Hands on exercises will demonstrate different color models and the effect of different light sources on the perception of color.

We will also teach the relationship between various forms of color measurement. These will include:

Color Models Tolerancing Schemes Calibration Methods
XYZ DE, DEcmc, DE94 Density
L*a*b* Delta L*a*b* Dot
L*c*h° Delta L*C*H* -
CMYK Densitometric -
RGB - -

To Download a copy of the course syllabus click here.

This workshop will show you how to specify target colors and understand the various color space tolerances used to manage color difference. Using all of the tools and information provided, the student will learn from start to finish a better way to communicate and control color.

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