891U Quality Control Strip-Reading Color Densitometer (Discontinued)

Date Created: 10/9/2000   Date Modified: 4/26/2012

+Power Supply Change

Power Supply Change

Recently X-Rite has revised the standard power supply for the model 890 and 891 densitometers. This new universal power supply (Part number SE 30-177) is a "switching" power supply. What this means is merely by changing the line cord connected to the power supply, the instrument is able to work under the different voltages (100-240 VAC) commonly found around the world. To denote this change the instrument is now referred to as an 890U, 891U, etc. these are also available as export models 890UX and 891UX this  will supply a localized line cord.

Instrument Change

This change also changed the connector for the power supply on both the power supply and the instrument. The original power supply had an audio jack style of connector. The newer supply has a more shielded connector found on more recent X-Rite instruments. Be aware that when a customer requests a power supply for an 890 or 891 the correct adapter is serial number dependant. The chart below references the serial number, and when this change occurred on various models of the 890 and 891 series.

If the number falls below this it was originally shipped with a SE 30-61 (115 VAC)  power supply for domestic use or a SE 30-62 (230 VAC) for export. These Power supplies are no longer available and you would use the Universal power supply (SE30-177) with an adaptor (SE108-95-01).  Remember as well that this power supply does not ship with a line cord, which must be ordered separately by country (line cords #'s, SD33-07 120vac, SD33-08 220vac EU)

**Older 880 series instruments would also use this updated power supply with the adaptor.


Model Number Serial Number
890U 2350
890UX 2660
891U 4342
891UX 4264
891U+EK 4254
891UX+EK 3713
891U+N 4238